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 5 Tips for Choosing Boots for Motorcyclists

Boots have become popular among motorcyclists. This type of shoe offers the protection and durability needed when driving on the road but is still stylish to wear in the office or mall.

When choosing a versatile boot for motorcycles, motorcyclists need to pay attention to several characteristics to ensure that the shoe they choose can protect and help ride safely under any road or weather conditions.

Well-known shoe manufacturer among bikers, Timberland, shares tips on what components to look for in a shoe to protect your feet and provide a comfortable riding experience.

Thick skin

Leather boots come in various thicknesses. For motorcyclists, it is better to use such made of thick and flexible leather. This allows riders to move their feet freely and get proper protection. The thick leather that doesn’t tear easily will protect the user from scratches and bruises should they fall or hit a sharp object while driving.

Rubber Sole

Motorcyclists will need shoes that ‘grip’ the footrest. Rubber soles, like lug soles, with perfectly shaped edges, offer a firm grip on roads that are slippery with water or oil, keeping bikers safe.

Bot Body Sewn to Sole

Another characteristic of a good boot is that the shoe’s body is firmly sewn to the sole, not just glued. This is an essential feature to ensure that the shoes do not tear at the soles when the rider accidentally falls from his vehicle. The stitched sole also helps the shoe last and allows the user to wear it for years.

All-Weather Resistant

Shoes worn by motorcyclists must keep the feet dry in any weather conditions. They should be water-resistant, even if they are made of polished leather, nubuck, or suede to protect your feet in the rain or when you accidentally step on a puddle. At the same time, shoes should be well ventilated so that the feet can still breathe even in hot weather and walking.

Strong Shoelaces

For Riders, shoelaces offer several advantages. First, it can be loosened or tightened, especially when the motorcyclist is wearing socks. In addition, these types of shoes can be easily removed and removed if the motorcyclist falls and is injured. For extra safety, motorcyclists should opt for motorcycle boots with thick laces made of tough and durable material, such as ripcord.

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