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For your leather shoes to last longer and not get damaged over time, it is important to maintain them.

Leather is like skin. You have to hydrate and clean it constantly so that it does not crack and maintain its colour. Proper care depends on the type of leather, and there are many. Here we show you the main ones, so you can learn to identify them and take the corresponding precautions.



It is that leather that has a lot of shine and its texture is completely smooth. For daily use, it is enough to clean them with a damp cloth, but if they have a stain, you should pass cotton soaked in milk or vinegar, then pass a dry cloth and rub so that the shine returns to the patent leather shoes.


It is that leather that is not matte, but it does not shine as much as patent leather. It has a natural shine, very subtle. To clean, start by dusting with a dry cloth, then rub to maintain shine. In case of stains, a specific transparent or neutral cream can be applied to clean leather. We do not recommend applying colour creams because it is difficult to find the exact tone of the leather, and many times they end up changing the colour of your leather shoe.


It is that leather that at first glance looks like suede but it is not. It is less fluffy and its fur is shorter to the touch. There are spray-type products on the market for this type of leather, which are excellent for cleaning and maintenance. It is best to use these special nubuck sprays and brush gently to prevent the leather from becoming dull or whitening over time. Do not apply any type of cream, because they are not for this type of leather.


You will notice when you touch it. It is the plushest and hairy of all leathers. For its care, it is necessary to put talc or starch on it frequently. These substances absorb dirt, and within 4 to 5 hours you can clean their remains using a brush. If the suede is stiff, you can soften it with a little hot steam, bringing the iron closer without touching the shoe, to prevent it from cracking over time.


It is that completely matte leather, covered with a natural oily or waxy layer. To clean it, it is advisable to wipe it with a damp towel, let it dry and then apply horse grease or cream-type natural waxes for leather, which help maintain its natural texture.

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