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 How to wear the Perfecto according to the Season?

The leather biker jacket can be worn in all seasons. You just need to know how to wear it to be able to have the right outfit for the season. Leather clothing is known to be warm, but it ultimately isn’t always the case.

Depending on the skin, the thickness and the hold, the leather jacket can be worn in mid-season, winter or summer. There are different types of perfecto, depending on the one you have chosen, you just need to know the temperature to have your outfit of the day. Unlike your tailored coat, the perfecto can be modulated according to your wishes. So you never take off your favourite biker coat.

The women’s biker jacket in winter

To wear the perfecto in winter, choose real leather, the imitation skin is plastic, it will not make you hot. The perfect skins for winter are:

  • Lambskin.
  • Sheepskin (turned skin where wool is present).
  • Cowhide.
  • Sheepskin.
  • Pigskin.
  • Buffalo skin.
  • Goatskin.

You can also choose it with a fur collar, or quilted for extra thickness. The women’s jacket is not going to replace your winter coat. The short coat does not warm the pool. However, if the winter is cold, your long cloak will come over your short robe. If you have chosen it in shearling, remove the press studs to be able to close the collar, the wool will warm your chest.

If you’re not too cautious, the fitted jacket allows you to have a pretty silhouette, even open, so you can wear it over your favourite sweater dress. You will be stylish and protected. This timeless biker jacket is ideal for winter, it is made to protect bikers. It will protect you from the cold while giving you a rock style.


Mid-season and your little jacket

The perfect jacket is available for mid-season, winter leathers can be treated to be thinner and therefore more suitable for mid-season. The perfect skins for this time of year are:

  • Suede.
  • Suede (velvet leathers).
  • Nubuck.

The suede is going to be light. Without adopting a biker style, you can wear the jacket over all your trendy clothes. The shortcut is a cut suitable for mid-season, you can wear it as you wish. Over a white shirt, a denim shirt or a hooded jacket, if the hot temperatures are desired, matching your women’s jacket will become your favourite game!

The topstitching is there to prevent air from entering, you can even put on just your top and the perfect jacket without being afraid of getting cold.


The timeless black jacket can be coloured to give cheerfulness to the approaching summer:

  • Red leather.
  • Burgundy leather.
  • Brown leather.
  • Pink leather.
  • Blue leather.
  • Grey leather.
  • Yellow leather.
  • Camel leather.

The perfect skin coat can be worn in all colours, as long as you assume it, that you wear it with uni and that you do not exceed three colours per outfit, you will be perfect!

The perfecto in summer

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to give up your leather perfecto jacket. While leather isn’t suitable for hot weather, it’s one of those essential womenswear items, so we don’t put it away. It can adapt very well to your evening outfit. A white dress, a black leather jacket on the shoulders to warm up and style in the evening!


Californian women slip it on directly over the swimsuit, for a sexy touch. You can wear it over your summer dress!

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