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 Motorcycle jackets: why is it important to wear it?

At Devilson, we want to explain in detail the importance of the use of jackets, the functionalities they contribute to our driving, the difference between jacket prices… Shall we start? Here’s a summary:


1. What is the function of motorcycle jackets?

2. Cheap jackets: is it worth it?


What is the function of motorcycle jackets?

We understand the use of motorcycle jackets as an essential passive safety element for any driver. The jackets minimize the effect of scratches, burns and abrasions on the asphalt caused in the event of a rider’s fall and protect him from possible fractures of different degrees of severity. Unlike the car, in motorcycle accidents, the body’s exposure is direct and therefore it must be provided with shields that make it possible to significantly minimize the damage we can suffer.


Abrasion resistance

Its most important characteristic is the resistance to abrasion, measured in denier, which measures the linear density of the fibres that compose it and thus determines how resistant to abrasion a given fibre is. Abrasion is the damage suffered by the skin in the form of a burn as a result of contact and friction with the surface in the event of a fall, which usually causes significant burns whose severity will depend on the depth and affected muscles. One of the best known abrasion-resistant fibres is Cordura®. As we will see later, we popularly name sanity jackets for motorcycles, some of which are not sanity, but are made of another material with a similar appearance, with anti-abrasive characteristics, but which are not sanity.


Leather is another of the tissues that are resistant to abrasion. Hence the leather motorcycle suits and jackets, offer great protection to the driver in the event of an accident and contact with the asphalt.

Protection and Security

In the event of an accident, the shoulders and elbows, together with the hands and the head, are the elements of the upper limbs that can suffer the most in the fall. Instinctively they are the parts of the body that we use to protect the most sensitive organs, as well as being the most exposed while driving. Hence, motorcycle jackets perform a fundamental job of protection, in addition to preventing spinal cord and joint injuries, which are the parts that suffer the most in a possible traffic accident. For this reason, almost all motorcycle jackets come standard with an adequate level of protection for elbows, shoulders and back. The impact points (shoulders, elbows and knees) demand high-quality materials with an even higher level of tear and abrasion resistance, such as Armacor®, Super Fabric®, D-Stone®, Aramid® among others. The structure of the materials used to protect the most exposed areas of the body is achieved by overlapping different elements, which are welded or sewn to the basic structure of the garment.


Weather protection

In addition, motorcycle jackets are useful in winter to protect us from the cold and weather conditions such as humidity, rain or snow. As we already explained in our post on riding a motorcycle in winter, it is not enough to take all the layers you see in the closet and slip into them at will. On the bike, you have to dress smartly. The most important element of the motorcycle jacket to protect against the cold is the thermal inner lining, normally synthetic down, polar lining reaching goose down in the highest-end jackets (Antarctic). Air is the element that improves, to a greater extent, the thermal insulation of the body. Therefore, the function of the thermal layers is to isolate the air inside.


When talking about thermal protection, it is also necessary to talk about the ventilation systems of motorcycle jackets. When we get to spring/summer, most of the bikers look for air to flow in their body. That’s what the vents are for.

Cheap motorcycle jackets: is it worth it?

Generally, cheap motorcycle jackets, or better said, unusually cheap, are those of little-known brands that are generally of poor quality, forcing them to compete in the market based on lower prices. The difference with the first level goes from the fabric to the basic protection. The quality is especially perceived in the protection they offer. Although a cheap jacket is a motorcycle jacket with protections, these usually do not have sufficient quality and will shatter with the abrasion of the asphalt in an eventual incident in which you fall to the ground. For your health and safety.

There are three degrees of protection currently approved. In order from least to greatest protection, they ar: CE, CE1 and CE2. Those that protect more effectively are those that have a more robust and specialized material, which increases their price. In that case, you should consider what you want to get in your next jacket.


These are some of the tips we can give you when buying a motorcycle jacket… We hope you find it useful.

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