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The women’s Jacket is an easy-to-wear, timeless, and very elegant wardrobe basic. It goes with all seasons depending on its material and its print. Beyond the black or navy blue blazer, you have the possibility of choosing it in stylish and feminine variants. And above all, well beyond the classic complete blazer + strictly tailored pants. But you don’t always know how to wear it well and how to pair it well with your clothes. If you want to fall for the blazer and hit the mark every time, follow the guide by reading this article! I tell you all about this flagship piece of your dressing room.


What is a Jacket?

His origin
Basically a masculine jacket, the blazer has been fully integrated into the women’s wardrobe since the 1920s and the great creative era of Gabrielle Chanel. The term ‘blazer’ comes from the English ‘to blaze’, flamboyer. Today, its colored and printed variants make it a strong asset in your wardrobe.

The blazer has thus become a suit jacket for everyday wear. It dresses you up in the blink of an eye and gives you a lot of styles. It structures your bust thanks to its V-shaped closure and goes very well with several types of bottoms.

Cuts and materials

The blazer has two cuts:

The fitted cut that marks your waist, is approximately hip length. He wears adjusted. It can be short or a little longer (and in the latter case it can also be crossed thanks to four buttons instead of one or two).

The straight cut gives you verticality and elongates you, with a length up to the beginning of the thighs. This is the quintessential suit jacket.

In terms of materials, choose wool or cashmere in winter; cotton, silk, or linen in summer.

You can also find two other models to favor or not according to your personal tastes:

The tweed version is straight, short, and with a round neck. It is worn in a two-tone mottled version with jewel details such as golden buttons. Be sure to offset this rather stuffy jacket by combining it with pieces of an opposite style: sneakers, boyfriend jeans, or leather pants for example.

The tuxedo jacket must be black with a shiny satin collar; straight or curved if you want to play more or less on its masculine-feminine side.

Why is the Jacket at the heart of your style?

At the same time timeless, elegant, and stylish, the blazer is at the heart of your style because it is an effective all-purpose piece that has character at the same time. Pretty good, don’t you think? What does not spoil anything, it is also very feminine when it is well chosen and well worn.

This jacket is a piece that structures your figure. Never fail to wear one, you will immediately feel well dressed. It is magic!

In addition, the blazer can give a touch of style to any outfit, even the most basic. A white t-shirt + jeans + sneakers can take on a completely different style depending on the type of blazer that accompanies them.

How to properly wear the women’s Jacket?

Now that you are aware of the relevance of having this piece in your wardrobe, it is time to learn how to wear it well. Nothing could be simpler, here are my 4 keys to getting out of it like a style queen.

Thinking Outside the Box: Character Versions

As I told you at the beginning of the article, the time of the exclusive navy blue or black blazer is long gone. Even if this model remains a basic not to be neglected (especially if you avoid associating it only with suit pants of a similar color), your creative field can go further towards much more exciting horizons! So I suggest you get out of your comfort zone and consider 4 other blazer models.

With flowers
The floral blazer will give an elegant summer touch to your outfit. As it is a strong piece, I advise you to wear it with the basics to balance your outfit. To know how to wear it well, I suggest you read the article on the 9 strong pieces of wardrobe to have style when you are a woman.

The classic version revisited

Two colors carry the classic version: black and navy blue. Black is not a color per se, rather it has the function of balancing your outfit. It is elegant in nature, just like navy blue.

You do not take any risk to opt for one of these models, the two versions marry easily with your outfits. To avoid the total dark look, opt instead to wear a dark blazer with a light top and a denim bottom. The only exception is the black tuxedo suit for a chic evening. On a woman, it looks very sexy paired with a silk camisole and high-heeled pumps. It definitely expresses the sexy/elegant combination well.

One last tip: do not hesitate to roll up the sleeves of your blazer to leave your wrists clearly visible. It’s very feminine.

You now have all the keys in hand to wear the women’s blazer well and to enjoy pairing it with your everyday outfits. Take action now and get out of your habits: choose a blazer from your wardrobe if you have one; or try a model that you like during a future shopping session (you will then add it to your wish list). Combine it with a piece that you are not used to wearing, or compose an outfit according to the inspirations proposed in this article. Tell me in the comments how you feel about this wardrobe basic and this new personal composition. Remember, it is inaction that you will forge your personal style in a solid and lasting way. Dare to try!

And you, do you wear the blazer? If so, what is your favorite piece and how do you combine it with your clothes? Do not hesitate to leave me a comment, I will answer you with pleasure. As always, I love to exchange with you in all benevolence.

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