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 Tips for traveling by motorcycle – luggage

Preparing a great motorcycle road trip (for a weekend or several weeks), starts with the question of luggage: how to transport the equivalent of a suitcase (or 2!) on a motorcycle that is not, initially not planned for?

We put aside the Goldwing and other road cars natively equipped for this kind of adventure! Also, know that this article is not written to talk about the obvious: suitcases and top-cases will not be mentioned here.

Let’s get to the point: how to store your things like the big departure approaches? Lucky that you are, several options are available to you!

Equip your motorcycle with a tank bag

A tank bag is an option with various advantages… but also some weaknesses.

The advantages of the tank bag:

  • Often equipped with a transparent top pocket, the tank bag will be your favorite accessory to store your phone, credit card, or any other item you want to keep within reach and in view.
  • Unlike other systems, you can easily monitor the storage of your luggage. Indeed, all your baggage is in front of you, before your eyes.
  • The price is affordable. Finally, as with everything, the price range is wide. But you can easily find a good tank bag for 30€.
  • Some models are convertible into a backpack.

The disadvantages of the tank bag:

  • The tank bag can interfere with your movements. If you ride the trail, unless it’s huge, you shouldn’t feel it too much. On the other hand, on a sports car, it is widely recommended to opt for a small model. Otherwise, it is guaranteed discomfort, throughout your journey.
  • The tank bag, depending on the model of your motorcycle, can interfere with the reading of your dashboard.
  • Overall, the capacity of tank bags is limited. And if you opt for a large storage capacity (35 liters, for example), the handling of your motorcycle will be even less easy. We prefer to repeat it to you.
  • If there is no tank bag compatible with your tank, you will have to either buy a tank mat (additional cost) or opt for a magnetic model. These are reliable but can, in the long term, cause premature wear of the paint on your tank (we speak knowingly).
  • And to refuel? You really have no choice, you will have to unfasten your load to reach your fuel door.
  • The tank bag is not an everyday accessory: you cannot carry your computer in it, for example.


An (almost) safe bet: the backpack

What could be more practical than a backpack? It is also granted that in addition to being practical, it will not distort the face of your motorcycle. Just for that, we understand that he has a lot of votes.

The advantages of the motorcycle backpack:

  • Large storage capacity.
  • Here too, all the prices are at your props store! For 50€, you can find a quality motorcycle backpack like this one.

The disadvantages of the motorcycle backpack:

  • Although there is no concrete link currently established between the fact of carrying a backpack and the seriousness of the injuries caused during an accident on two-wheelers, it is generally not recommended to ride equipped with a backpack.
  • If it is heavy and/or bulky, it can affect your mobility. Moreover, if your backpack is a little back pain can quickly be felt after a few kilometers traveled!

Saddlebag: a good compromise

Here, we are on a safe bet that combines storage capacity, driving comfort, and safety. The saddlebag will be your best friend for storing your things without interfering with your practice. Let’s take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of this fellow traveler.

The advantages of the saddlebag

  • The saddlebag, unless weighing 30kg or more, will not be felt.
  • In terms of saddlebags, all tastes are in nature… or in any case, all prices, all models, and all capacities!
  • Depending on the model of your motorcycle, you can opt for so-called “rider” bags that will rest on either side of your motorcycle.
  • Unlike the backpack, the saddlebags open wide from above. Convenient to find that phone charger that you buried at the bottom… #youknow

The disadvantages of the saddlebag

  • Opt for a model equipped with a strap or carrying handles. When stationary, the saddlebag is not equipped with a locking lock, so you will have to carry your luggage around constantly.
  • Like the tank bag, the simple saddlebag is not an everyday tool: you won’t be able to store a computer in it either.

The spider net: for more desires

The spider net can make it possible to do great things in terms of transporting luggage on a motorcycle… provided you remain reasonable!

The advantages of the spider net

  • The price: im-beat-table. You are sure to find the spider net of your dreams for less than 6€.
  • Very easy to carry, it will slip into any pocket once you arrive at your destination.
  • With a large storage capacity, you can put a lot of things inside your spider net. However, be careful to respect the basic rules of transporting luggage on a motorcycle. Do not pile things up high, take care to respect certain ergonomics, do not exceed a certain weight.

The disadvantages of the spider net

  • As said above, the spider net has a large storage capacity. We quickly wanted to store a lot of things there.
  • However, you have to be careful not to pile too many things inside.
  • The difficulty of fixing: not enough anchor points, not tight enough… You can spend long minutes finding the best way to fix this thing. Legend has it that it can end in a nervous breakdown and luggage tossed about in the trunk of the car. But that is anecdotal. We’re counting on your composure to make us lie.

What do you think of these different possibilities? Do you know of other solutions for transporting your luggage? Tell us everything in the comments, we will hasten to enrich the article thanks to your feedback!

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