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Have you ever wondered what the sole of your shoes is made of? There are different materials, but it is important to know the most common ones so that you know which one is best for you. Here we leave you the main characteristics of each one, take them into account when buying shoes so that you have a better user experience!


This one has a “wooden” look but is made from reclaimed leather. It is the most durable of all and provides greater elegance to dress shoes, also called leather shoes. It is used in high-end footwear and is generally more expensive. It can be a bit slippery, but it is recommended to use it with anti-slip adhesives. One of the advantages of the leather sole (unlike synthetic ones) is that it allows the feet to breathe better and stay cooler.

Of rubber

Rubber or rubber is obtained from latex that is extracted from some plants, thanks to technology, synthetically. It is a recyclable material. It is a bit heavy, but it is very resistant to abrasion and wear. It is used in work shoes, hiking boots and slippers to be at home. Little by little it is gaining ground among casual shoes.

In some soles, rubber is combined with leather. They have the rubber plant and the modena leather block, that is, recovered leather.

From TR

TR is a thermoplastic rubber that is used for the injection of soles in the footwear industry. The raw material of these is plastic. At high temperatures, this material allows it to easily take the required shape. It is used above all in fashion footwear due to its wide variety of colours. It has good chemical resistance and defective parts can be ground up and reused, making it 100% recyclable.


Polyurethane or PU plants are a product of technology, they are obtained from the injection of polyurethane. They are characterized by being comfortable, flexible, anti-slip, and they are also light. They are very common in safety shoes, football boots and sports shoes. It is a comfortable sole, as it provides cushioning in the tread.

From eve

Also known as EVA foam, they are made from a cork-like material called ethylene-vinyl acetate. They are very light, have a rustic look and are also durable and resistant. They are recommended for walking and daily use because they are very light and also non-slip.

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