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How to find comfortable shoes for women? What must be taken into account when choosing them?

Surely you have heard the phrase “Beauty hurts” more than once. And more than listened, you will have felt it countless times when your feet do not give more for those shoes than yes, very cute, but that feels like walking on knives at every step. And it is that finding a good pair of shoes that are comfortable but also beautiful and that does not make a hole in our wallet is not easy. But do not despair, today I bring you a guide with tips to correctly choose a stylish shoe but without giving up comfort. Beauty is not a sacrifice, beauty is to be celebrated and enjoyed.

Do comfortable women’s shoes exist?

Yes, yes, and yes! Let’s start with this premise, not only do they exist but they must always be!

The two most important factors that determine the comfort of the female shoe are the design and the materials. Specifically the padding, the sole, and the fit. The next time you go shopping, make sure that the footwear you choose meets the following characteristics:

  • Soft material that fits well to the foot. Leather is undoubtedly the best option within the materials to choose from. Leather can adapt to the shape of your foot without losing the shape of the shoe. Which makes it a tough material to beat.
  • Padded lining inside. Make sure it has a comfortable template. Leather insoles are preferable so your skin doesn’t perspire and can naturally perspire.
  • Flat base or low heel. Yes, I know. Who look 10 cm taller. Well, I’m sorry to tell you but a 10 cm heel is not only impossible to be comfortable but it will be bad for your feet and your posture in general. Opt for flats or shoes with a low heel for times you want an extra couple of inches. Our Amelie Heeled Ballerina model is perfect to stylize your figure without sacrificing comfort.
  • Firm sole. A good sole is as important as the rest of the footwear. This is more difficult to see with the naked eye, the easiest way is to choose brands that stand out for the use of good quality materials.

Flat shoes for women, why it is important to give up the 10 cm heel

Wearing comfortable shoes in your day to day is very important. And it goes beyond just keeping your feet happy. Wearing poor quality or uncomfortable shoes can lead to health problems for your feet but also for your back and the rest of your body. Blisters are one of the mildest problems that can be caused by wearing the wrong shoe. Wearing high heels for long periods can alter the natural alignment of your back. The body will try to compensate for the lack of balance generated by high heels by modifying the posture of the back and hips. The calves, back, and hip muscles will become tight. This muscle tension can cause fatigue and damage the back ligaments, joints, and spinal discs.

Flat shoes such as ballerinas or flats are not only a safe bet for your health but also your style. You have to admit that they are beautiful!

Buying comfortable shoes online is possible

The Covid has opened a new form of consumption in everyone’s life. In the past, there have been times of having to go to a physical store that will also be full of people and that probably does not have all the brand’s stock available, which does not happen when you buy online.

There are certain things, like shoes, that can be more complicated to buy online but they don’t have to be. At Monpiel we always bet on quality and comfort above all else. A Monpiel shoe is a shoe that you will love. Our leather craftsmen work our products with care and know-how from years and years in the business of leather accessories. Our leather is of the highest quality and our designs are fresh and modern but timeless at the same time. So when buying a Devilson shoe online you make sure that it will fit like a glove, that it will last a long time and that it will look great with any outfit you choose!

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