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Black Leather Laptop Bag Blue


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Black Leather Laptop Bag Blue

Established in 1969, from atiny low city at the Gates of Florence mistreatment a number of the best acquirement from atiny low journeyman Workshop in European country. the Bridge Have Gone on to supply a number of the best Italian animal skin product. Still Holding on to journeyman knowledge, ancient acquirement
Fused with trendy ways of Natural Sourcing and glorious Full Grain animal skin to make items That Have Given the Bridge the Trademark and Recognition of fantastic acquirement
Handcrafted from lovely sleek Italian animal skin. the Bridge portable computer Bag Is colored in Iron Blue with the raised Bridge emblem. Expect a Zip Fastening, 2 External Pockets, Internal Pocket for atiny low portable computer connected to the Natural Skin Lined Body.

  • the Bridge
  • 100% real animal skin
  • Zip Fastening
  • Adjustable strap
  • 2 X External Pockets
  • Internal soft Pocket for little portable computer
  • Natural Skin Lined
  • the Devilson emblem


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