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Safety on the motorcycle is fundamental, and when it comes to protecting ourselves, the motorcycle jacket is shown to be one of the most essential elements, offering us greater protection in the event of a fall, as well as protecting us from the cold during winter and giving us a much more aesthetic appearance.

The motorcycle jacket is a basic piece of equipment for everyone who rides a motorcycle, so if you still do not have yours, you should get it as soon as possible. Otherwise, every time you get on the bike you will be running an unnecessary risk.

But when it comes to buying a motorcycle jacket, not just any model, you have to make sure you get a jacket that gives us the security we need on two wheels.

The problem here is that many people do not know what requirements motorcycle jackets must meet, and end up with a jacket that does not fit their needs or protect them as it should.

Aware of this, at Devilson we wanted to help you choose a motorcycle jacket to enhance your safety and get it right. Do you like the idea? So pay attention and take note.


There are four aspects that you must take into account if you want to buy a motorcycle jacket that really protects you and enhances your safety: the material, the seams, the protections, and the hump.


When choosing a motorcycle jacket you will have to choose between two different materials: leather and sanity, and the choice will depend mainly on the use you make of your motorcycle.

Leather motorcycle jackets are the safest on the market, with greater resistance to abrasion, which is undoubtedly a point to consider for those with large-displacement motorcycles or who like to ride at high altitudes. speeds.

On the other hand, there are sanity motorcycle jackets, whose level of abrasion resistance is lower than that of leather ones. In the event of a fall, sanity will only resist abrasion for the first few seconds, but then it will not have the capacity to resist, which means that the asphalt would come into contact with the skin.

For this reason, sanity motorcycle jackets are recommended if the motorcycle is not used too aggressively, since in the event of a slight fall it will offer the protection we need.

On the contrary, leather motorcycle jackets resist abrasion at all times, which is undoubtedly shown as a safety plus.


As a second point when choosing motorcycle jackets we have the seams, which must be strong enough so that they do not break in the event of a fall.

The jacket must have double reinforced seams in the elbow and shoulder area, which are, together with the hands, the first parts of the body that come into contact with the asphalt in the event of a fall.

All Ducati motorcycle jackets have double stitching on the elbows and shoulders, thus preventing them from breaking in the event of a fall, and offering greater protection.


Another very important point is the protection, both interior, and exterior, which will be responsible for protecting our body in the event of an impact.

Any of the Aprilia motorcycle jackets, both sanity, and leather have internal protections on the shoulders, elbows, and back. They are removable protections that can be used depending on the needs of each one.

As for the outer protections, there are sanity jackets that carry them and others that do not. In any case, those that do carry them will be installed on the shoulders.

On the other hand, there are the Aprilia leather motorcycle jackets, which all have external protections on the shoulders, regardless of the model you choose.

In case you also wanted external protections on the elbows, it would be necessary to make it to measure.

#4- HUMP

And finally, there is the hump, which acts as a pillow in the upper back area, protecting the neck in case of a fall, acting as a stop. Its function is similar to that of the car seat headrest.

It is important to say that the hump is only possible in leather motorcycle jackets, and it is also fixed.

Many people put aesthetics before safety and prefer a jacket without a hump, but if you are looking for a motorcycle jacket that enhances your safety, we recommend that it be equipped with a hump. You will appreciate it.

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