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Many times we throw our hands up when we see someone driving a motorcycle in flip flops, sandals, clogs, or any other inappropriate footwear. This, more than a danger, is an unconsciousness since if you suffer a fall with this type of footwear, the damage to the feet and ankles could be irreparable.

Obviously, if you don’t fall or suffer any mishap, you can ride your motorcycle with any shoe, but since we never know what is going to happen on the road, it is essential to use adequate and safe enough footwear to be perfectly protected on the motorcycle.

For a close journey, it could be worth wearing thick sneakers or street boots, but things will change when you are going to go out on a route, take a long journey or ride a circuit. In these cases, yes or yes, it will be essential to wear quality motorcycle boots.


At Devilson we greatly value the protection of the feet on the motorcycle, since we must not forget that it is one of the parts of the body that would first come into contact with the asphalt in the event of a fall.

That is why we have our Ducati motorcycle boots, with which you will have the necessary protection without sacrificing comfort, and at a highly competitive price that will surprise you.

Our motorcycle boots meet all the requirements to offer maximum safety and avoid risks, guaranteeing great protection for the feet, ankles, and shins in the event of a fall.

We have two types of motorcycle boots: short cane or half cane, with the difference that the former protects up to the ankle area, while the half cane goes up to the middle of the shin, so they are safer, since being higher they restrict the movement of the ankle, reducing the risk of injury in the event of a fall.

The main difference between a short or mid-cut boot is mainly whether or not you break your ankle.

All Ducati motorcycle boots are made of quality leather and are thick enough to withstand abrasion in the event of a fall. In addition, the sole is made of rubber and is also quite thick and non-slip, without causing a loss of sensitivity in the feet or reducing the flexibility of movements. This is important to avoid possible slips in the face of traces of oil or rain on the road.

They also have all kinds of protections to reduce the impact of a possible fall and extend the useful life of the boots:

  • Steel tip to avoid possible crushing.
  • Heel pad to make it easier to change gears and keep our feet protected.
  • External protection in the Achilles heel area, instep, and sides.
  • Metal slider to increase protection in case of touching the asphalt.
  • Enclosures: the enclosures must be composed of zippers protected with Velcro and a handle.
  • In addition, beyond the material and the protections, it is also very important that the motorcycle boots are not too rigid, since otherwise you will feel more uncomfortable and you will lose the flexibility to make movements.


If you get motorcycle boots that meet all these requirements, you will be using suitable footwear for riding a motorcycle, which will offer you the comfort, protection, and safety you need, reducing risks in the event of a fall.

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