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The biker style is a style full of personality, which is characterized by the heaviest clothes and accessories.

In today’s post, we’re going to talk a little about the history of the style and the pieces that can’t be missing from a biker’s wardrobe.

So follow us and get to know the biker style!

Discover the history of motorcycle style

It is not possible to talk about the motorcycle-style without relating to Harley Davidson motorcycles, after all, the two start together.

During the 2nd World War, the automaker sent thousands of motorcycles to the United States armies, thus, many soldiers started to ride motorcycles at that time.

Back at home, the younger soldiers, who were already riding motorcycles, needed a different look, one that would adapt to the new means of transport. Thus, they adopted a more casual style, with a leather jacket and shoes and boots, also denying the traditional look of the time, which was the suit and tie.

After World War II, Harley Davidson started to produce motorcycles also for civilians, which increased access to motorcycles, and consequently, the number of motorcyclists, which strengthened the style of clothing.

Thus, both the motorcycle and the motorcycle style were very high in the ’50s, and they were also very associated with rock’n’roll, mainly because of Elvis Presley, who had this style at the beginning of his career.

How are the clothes and accessories in style?

Today, the biker style remains much the same as it was in the 1950s when it started. This is because, in addition to being a very unique and cool style, the clothes have the function of protecting motorcyclists while driving.

Therefore, clothes and accessories have not become characteristics of the style only for their beauty, but also for their functionality. That’s why leather pieces are still used a lot, mainly for their durability and resistance.

In addition to leather, the parts used by motorcyclists contain other heavier materials, such as chains, jeans, and rubber.

Pieces that can’t be missing in the biker-style wardrobe

Now that you know the style, here are some essential accessories for bikers:


Sunglasses are one of the most important items, because they protect the rider’s eyes, both from the sun and light and from the wind, preventing anything from getting into the eyes.

Leather glove

The leather glove is an essential item for motorcyclists, as it prevents hand injuries.


The jacket is another essential item, because, in addition to style, it protects from the wind and the sun. To ride a motorcycle, bet on leather jackets or windbreakers because they are more resistant.


Like several other pieces of the style, the boot is an indispensable piece because, in addition to style, it protects your feet. Thus, the ideal is that the leather boots cover the ankle area but do not interfere with mobility, so mid-cut boots are ideal.

In today’s post, you’ve seen a little bit of the history of the biker style and pieces that can’t be missed in a biker’s wardrobe. Now, how about visiting our e-commerce and checking out our motorcycle kits?

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