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Leather pants are a strong piece of the dressing room. It’s sexy, sleek, and tacky all at the same time. You have to know how to wear it to avoid its disadvantages to your morphology. If you don’t know which leather pants to choose for your morphology, discover these few lines.


Choose the right leather pants according to your morphology

The leather pants are very sexy. However, to avoid the fashion faux pas, it is necessary to choose the model adapted to your morphology.


Straight-cut leather pants for all body types

To satisfy all women, there is a model of leather pants suitable for all body types. These are straight cut leather pants. This model has a straight shape starting from the waist to the ankles.


Thanks to this cut, it hides all the small imperfections of each woman. In addition, it is classic, comfortable and completely elegant.

Cigarette leather pants for X-shaped morphologies

The X morphology is ideal for women. Indeed, it stands out with a tight waist with a balanced width between the hips and shoulders. The ideal leather pants for women with X-shaped morphologies are the cigarette cut. It is rather tight at the bottom of the leg, that is to say at the level of the ankles and calves. This model will perfectly emphasize your silhouette. On the other hand, you should avoid wearing it if you have strong legs.


Slim leather pants for slim waists

Thin waists have the advantage of wearing everything. If you have this size, you can opt for slim or tight leather pants. This one is tight at the same time at the level of the thighs, the legs and the ankles. However, the model must be well adjusted to your size. Indeed, if it is too tight, you will seem to be pudgy and it will not be very pleasant to see.

Carrot-cut leather pants for luscious women

If you have a luscious shape (with rounded buttocks and wide hips), it is advisable to adopt carrot cut leather pants. This model is distinguished by its high darted waist. It is tighter at the bottom of the pants and wider at the hips to the thighs. This one will show off your shape.

How to wear leather pants?

There are a thousand and one ways to wear leather pants. To be classic and elegant, you can bet on the total black look. For this, wear your black leather pants with a turtleneck, an oversized jacket and black pumps. You can also wear it with a black long-sleeved bodysuit to avoid overheating.


To be chic, you can also wear your leather pants with a white shirt and a blazer. To be more stylish, don’t forget a few small accessories like a shoulder bag or a companion. Be careful, however, not to put too many accessories, otherwise, you will look too bling-bling.


In addition, you can wear your leather pants with a white round neck t-shirt for a casual style. Then put on your sneakers or flat sandals.


If you like colours, you can for example wear your leather pants with a flashy piece. Opt for a bright orange maxi sweater or a neon pink trench.

Where to buy leather pants?

You can shop around for ready-to-wear stores to buy leather pants. You can also place an order online. In any case, it is more prudent to compare prices to achieve a good deal. Do not forget to check the quality of the leather to have a reliable article.

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