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Rain is one of the worst enemies of motorcyclists, not only because it puts our safety at risk on the road, but also because it wets us and can damage our motorcycle suits if we don’t dry them properly, especially when it comes to motorcycle suits. Leather.

In fact, many people have seen how their motorcycle suits have been damaged by not giving them the necessary care after a downpour.

Therefore, below we are going to tell you how to dry a motorcycle suit correctly after getting wet from the rain so that getting wet in case of rain is not a problem. Let’s start!



When the rain catches us on the motorcycle and our motorcycle suit gets wet, it is essential to dry it correctly to prevent it from getting damaged. Otherwise, it will become stiff, deformed, and lose flexibility.



Sanity is a waterproof and water-resistant material, what sanity garments are not waterproof, since they have zippers and seams through which water can filter.

Of course, for the water to get into a sanity jacket or overalls and end up soaking through, it must rain a lot, or spend a lot of time in the rain. In these cases, it would always be best to wear a waterproof raincoat.

In particular, the leather motorcycle suits withstand water with great effectiveness, but they are not designed to ride in the rain, so it is advisable to use a raincoat or some waterproof garment that protects us. Probably the suit will not be damaged, but we will be much more uncomfortable on the bike.

The good thing about sanity is that being a material that is quite resistant to water, it can be easily dried.

And it is that to dry a sanity motorcycle suit you will only have to hang it outdoors, being important that it does not receive artificial heat since otherwise it could be damaged.


With leather motorcycle suits we must take extreme precautions, since rain is the great enemy of water, putting its stability at risk.

Leather motorcycle suits spit out the first drops of rain, but they are not waterproof, much less waterproof. This means that if a few drops fall on it, nothing will happen, but it will be much better if they do not get wet, so the ideal would be to be proactive and, if there is a chance of rain, wear a waterproof garment that can protect the monkey from the rain.

If even so, we have not managed to prevent the suit from getting wet, it is very important to dry it well naturally, making sure that it is perfectly extended and, if possible, somewhere that receives sunlight. Let it dry as long as necessary until it is perfectly dry.

Once the monkey has dried, you will see that it is dry and stiff. You do not have to worry, since this with leather is usual.

For the suit to recover its shape, you must hydrate it with a light amount of specific fat for leather, such as horse fat, distributing it evenly throughout the suit to nourish it in depth. We recommend doing it with a clean cloth, gently, and using circular movements.

Once you have hydrated it, mold it with your hand so that it regains its flexibility. Dedicate the necessary time until you see that the monkey is in perfect condition.

In the end, you can apply some type of special waterproofing product for leather, which will help delay the soaking of the water.


As you can see, although motorcycle suits shouldn’t get wet, especially in the case of leather suits, nothing should happen, as long as we dry them correctly and apply the appropriate treatment. Now that you know how to dry a motorcycle suit after getting wet in the rain, enjoy your motorcycle to the fullest without water being a problem.

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