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Leather pants are a piece that does not fit into all dressing rooms. Sometimes considered vulgar, these pants can still be very chic when you combine them with the right accessories. Revisited in various ways, this type of pants keeps coming back in force to become THE trend of the year. A person who wears leather is not necessarily a big fan of rock or motorcycles. This material is simply super trendy in that it interests all generations. Leather deserves your full attention if you want to extend its life. How to maintain your pants?


Why take care of your leather pants?

Although it is renowned for its solidity, leather must be well maintained so that it can go through the years without taking a wrinkle. Being a living material, leather requires regular maintenance so that its fibres do not weaken easily. This material does not tolerate water well, but it reacts very well to any shocks.


Leather tends to shrink under the effect of heat. Regular maintenance is essential if you live in a hot region. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time putting your pants on every time you feel like it. Leather that has dried out also deserves your attention. It will soon break at the slightest movement. Different techniques allow you to properly maintain your leather pants.

Which maintenance methods are suitable for your leather pants?

Different ways allow you to properly maintain the leather pants in record time.



Hand washing is more recommended than machine washing unless the instructions on your pants require it. A Marseille soap can remove stains left by food and soil. Lather then rub gently with a damp sponge.


Make sure your pants are sufficiently waterproofed before applying water to them. Otherwise, just moisten it. Machine washing must be done with a detergent suitable for delicate linen. A temperature of 30°C will suffice. Be sure to turn off the spin, it can damage your pants. Drying is naturally done in the shade.


Applying a dab of cleansing milk with a cotton pad or a soft dry cloth is effective. Gently rub the area soaked in product and let it dry. Wipe off the excess with a cloth. The idea is to nourish the leather so that it can retain its suppleness. You can then put on your pants more easily.


Polishing your pants allows you to maintain their shine. A colourless grease suitable for leather is strongly recommended. You can also use castor oil instead of fat is not found. Use a sponge to facilitate the application of the product. Pay attention to the reaction of the leather. Discolouration in the face of maintenance should alert you. This means that the leather does not support the product well.


White vinegar is recommended if your pants are very dirty. Take a piece of cotton, soak it in vinegar and then pass it all over the surface to be treated. A microfiber cloth allows you to absorb the excess product. Glycerin finalizes the interview. Its application allows softening the leather.


Leather pants are often confronted with pen marks. To remove them, you can use 70° alcohol. Use a paper first to remove traces of still fluid ink. Dab until the ink leaves no trace on the paper. Take a cloth and then impregnate it with claystone. Pour a drop of alcohol on it and gently clean the affected area. Make sure the leather can withstand alcohol before performing this type of maintenance.



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