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 Laptop Bag: Which One is Right for You?

Can you imagine being on the street one day, it starts to rain and your laptop bag is not waterproof? That’s the kind of risk you can’t even think about taking. You can also prevent this from happening by choosing the ideal laptop bag for your computer.

Nowadays, the demand for portable computers has increased as they are easier to take with you everywhere, and for that, you need an ideal carrying case to protect your notebook from bumps and scratches. In addition, your bag can also be used to carry other materials such as a mouse, external hard drive, and other cables.

Therefore, we at Devilson have separated essential topics for choosing your notebook bag:

Types of laptop bag


This type of bag has the most classic model. It contains two compartments, one for the notebook and the other for the cables, in addition to having two handles for carrying it. There are still models with straps that can be placed on the shoulder.


This bag is for you looking for more style than practicality.

In addition to the classic models with two compartments, this type of laptop bag also has vintage models with more divisions. Above all, the space for the notebook is padded, and the other pockets are external. Along with the adjustable shoulder strap, there is also the option with straps.


Unlike the models above, the backpack has two shoulder straps. It has a padded computer compartment and other internal and external pockets, so this model is great for you who carry more objects, such as books and tablets. In addition, there are models with space for headphones and even a USB charger.

Suitcase with wheels or trolleys

Especially if you walk long distances, this laptop bag model is your ideal. Because it allows you to get around easier through the wheels. There are still larger models that you can put clothes on, which reduces luggage when traveling.

This bag has models with synthetic materials or more rigid materials, that is, your bag is well protected against impacts.


Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Your Laptop Bag

You need to be aware of all other factors when making your laptop bag purchase, in addition to the main factor, which is to protect your laptop when you go elsewhere. Because we want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Thus, we have selected some main points to take into account before your purchase:

  • Safety
  • Guarantee
  • If it will meet your needs
  • Storage
  • One that matches your personality
  • Backpack or briefcase, which one to choose?

In addition to your personal taste, other factors can influence your choice, for example, the use you will make of your accessory.

The suitcase has a more elegant model, more suitable for professional profiles. In addition to that, they can be used as a suitcase or bandolier, which brings more security against theft. On the other hand, the backpack has its more informal model and is considered more versatile and comfortable, in addition to having more space.

Discover Devilson products!

If we helped you in this post about laptop bags, we’re sure we can help you even more!

Devilson has been in the market for over 10 years. In this sense, we have a varied catalog that covers different brands, series, and models. Likewise, our products are of high quality and high performance and have passed rigorous tests that attest to all this.

We offer all the support you need to help you with your purchase. As a result of our seriousness with the customer.

Did you think little? May I help! In addition, we have fair prices that fit in your pocket. That’s because we respect our customers and are committed to offering great value for money! Differential, isn’t it?

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