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 Winter motorcycle clothing: Do this and you will never be cold

Some bikers think that putting on winter motorcycle clothing is to put on their jacket, their wool gloves and start layering underneath. It is a very common thought among initiated bikers or those who have not yet entered this wonderful world of motorcycle equipment.

We see this thought every day in customers who come to our stores and let us advise them. That is when we make them see – and in practice, they prove it – that the secret to fighting the cold on the motorcycle in winter is not to put on 3 jackets and 5 pants, but to put the right clothes in the right place. We are going to explain it to you.

Dressing in layers: The secret to being hot on the bike

Dressing in layers is a term that we repeat and repeat ad nauseam to our biker friends and clients. Three layers for the cold are enough to create an internal ecosystem that correctly maintains our body temperature, allows us to eliminate sweat towards the outside and prevents the inclement weather outside from affecting our body.

The three layers of cold-weather clothing are made up of: An undergarment that sits close to the skin, a thick garment – ​​such as a fleece that retains heat – and an outer garment that keeps cold and moisture from outside from entering. in our body.

These three layers must be present, therefore, in the most sensitive parts of our body when we ride the motorcycle: The chest and extremities, legs, hands and feet.

As you will see in the following spaces that we have dedicated to this matter, you will see that there is winter clothing for motorcycles in all these parts, so that today it is possible, with a few basic knowledge and some investment, to keep warm all parts of your body for when you travel by motorcycle.

Clothes to go on a motorcycle in winter: The essentials

In the world of clothing for riding a motorcycle in winter, there is a multitude of accessories and garments with which you could play and keep warm in a thousand different ways. However, there is a set of basics that we think you should know to equip at least the most sensitive or exposed parts of the body when you ride.

Winter motorcycle jacket

The winter jacket is an absolute basic and, together with the gloves, an essential item of clothing to avoid the crushing cold when you drive. As an essential rule – beyond what is related to safety – the jacket fulfils the function of being that third layer that prevents inclement weather from penetrating inside the body.

The motorcycle jacket protects you from the wind. If the cold is already uncomfortable, the fact of gaining speed on the vehicle will make the thermal sensation even greater due to the air that whips your body. Therefore, when you buy your jacket, make sure that it will perform well as a windbreaker.

Also, if it is waterproof, it will prevent the inside of your body from getting wet. You will find the waterproof function in a multitude of mid-range and high-end motorcycle jackets, and you will be able to see how the type of waterproofing is also different, depending on whether the membrane is sewn inside the garment or, better yet, if It is laminated on the outside. If the jacket is not waterproof, we can always use a rain suit to drive the motorcycle in the rain.

Winter motorcycle clothing: fleece lining

This type of lining that comes with the jackets can also be removable, so we could use them separately when we get off the bike or leave them on the bike or at home when temperatures are milder. The result: greater versatility between the two garments so they can be worn during diverse climates.

Winter motorcycle pants

The same thing happens with winter motorcycle pants as with jackets. In addition to the safety offered by the outer material and the approved protections, it fulfils the function of the third layer, the outer layer, which prevents the cold and air from penetrating between the garments. In these cases, you can also find them with different types of waterproofing and with the possibility of including a thermal lining.

Winter motorcycle gloves

Gloves are crucial items when it comes to maintaining body temperature. Surely your parents or grandparents have told you that warm hands and feet will make the rest of the body warm too. The hands are essential not only to maintain the rest of the optimal body temperature but for your safety.

You drive the motorcycle with your hands. Much of your safety and skill on the bike depends on them, so you must keep them warm at all times.

In the case of winter motorcycle gloves, you will see that the warmest ones are also the thickest. It’s always important to find the balance between handlebar feel and thickness for good thermal insulation, but, indeed, you’ll always sacrifice one for the other.

In any case, a good winter motorcycle glove will generally have the palm made of leather, a material with greater sensitivity for better handling with the handlebars. It’s up to you to choose if you want it in leather or textile. Leather always offers a plus of resistance and comfort; the textile, on the other hand, allows better inserts of the protections and can be waterproof.

Winter motorcycle boots

Keep your feet warm with good winter motorcycle boots. Forget the conventional shoes that do not contemplate the speeds at which you are going to move. Make sure that they are well attached to the foot – or the leg, in the case of high-top boots – and that they do not allow spaces through which air can enter.

The right winter motorcycle clothing: Success guaranteed!

We can assure you that with the right winter motorcycle clothing, placed in the right places and in the right way, you will not be cold on the motorcycle and, in addition, you will be much more comfortable than with the layers and layers of clothing that some bikers carry with discomfort.

There are also little biker tricks to keep warm that is learned over the years and the accumulation of kilometres on the road, but we will tell you about them in another article.

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