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When the time comes to choose your motorcycle boots, it is not always easy to find your way among the many existing models, especially when you are just starting out on a motorcycle and looking to equip yourself for the first time. Through this buying guide, we will list the main criteria to take into account to be sure not to be mistaken.

Do I really need specific footwear?

Before the question of choice, perhaps you wondered if it was very useful to wear boots or shoes specific to the practice of two-wheelers. This is legitimate since, unlike the approved helmet and certified gloves, the legislation does not require the wearing of specific footwear. It would then be easy to think that this equipment is negligible and you might be tempted to allocate this budget to your motorcycle or to various accessories. However, it is not! Your feet, like your hands, are fragile and are among the most exposed members in the event of an accident. No need to draw a picture, it is easy to imagine the damage caused by a motorcycle crashing into one foot during a fall… According to official statistics, 29% of seriously injured people have orthopedic injuries. It is probably not wise to do without it to save some money.

What is your practice of motorcycling?

It is this criterion that will guide you in the first place in your choice. Indeed, if you use your motorcycle for daily urban journeys, you will not orient yourself on the same products as if you ride on the track or if you practice off-road.
Your needs will therefore derive from your practice: comfort, versatility, resistance to bad weather, reinforced protection, etc.


An update on the PPE standard

As we said above, wearing boots or shoes specific to the practice of motorized two-wheelers is not mandatory. In fact, manufacturers are free to design footwear that does not comply with the PPE standard, for various reasons. Either because the technical characteristics of their footwear do not meet the prerequisites of the standard, or because the manufacturers do not wish to submit their footwear to the very expensive certification tests.
Of course, there are many PPE boots on the market. Released in 2002 and revised twice, the PPE standard governs a set of criteria that certify a certain level of protection. The tests are carried out on 3 points: resistance to cutting, abrasion, and crushing. The results obtained thus make it possible to classify the boots into 2 levels of protection, the first being the most protective.

PPE standard CE approved motorcycle boots

If your boots or shoes are PPE certified, they have this labeling. Additional information may also appear, such as the abbreviations IPS and IPA, which respectively indicate the presence of malleolus protection and tibia protection.

Choosing Ducati leather MotoGP boots, therefore, means ensuring a high level of protection. However, it should be noted that in some cases all these reinforcements can make the footwear less comfortable. In addition, it will be necessary to make the concession of an often higher price to afford them.

And the look in all this?

Although designed primarily for the protection of the pilot, motorcycle boots and shoes are nonetheless aesthetic equipment at the service of your look. They are available in a multitude of styles: urban, all-terrain, touring, racing… you are bound to find a pair to your liking on  among the biggest brands: ALPINESTARS – BMW – DUCATI – KTM – HONDA – KAWASAKI – SUZUKI – APRILIA – MV AGUSTA – DEVILSON

What budget should you plan?

With prices that sometimes vary from simple to triple, it is not easy to navigate when choosing your motorcycle boots. Again, stay consistent with your practice of two-wheelers. If you ride occasionally, choose a pair of boots at a reasonable price like some models at Devilson which offer excellent value for money at the entry-level, count on average €100. On the contrary, if you ride every day, prefer a more advanced model in terms of comfort and construction for increased longevity.

Remember to take a look at footwear during promotions, clearance sales, special offers, and sales at Devilson, it’s the best way to find good deals!

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