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The men’s belt is the most important accessory in a look. Even if you don’t necessarily notice it, it’s definitely what will bring the final touch to your outfit, like your bag for example. In this guide, we propose to summarize this in 4 main criteria for the choice of it but also some practical advice.

4 criteria for choosing a men’s belt

The material

To begin with, it is necessary to choose the best material for your belt. Well, the material entirely depends on your look. Also, it is better to have several belts in your dressing room.

The leather belt:
If you want a men’s belt that makes a small impression, in this case, we advise you to choose quality leather.

It is a particularly solid and resistant material, and it is quite possible to find original and elegant belts in polypropylene. Opt for this type of belt, for your work clothes for example

Wool :
A very original material, found in particular in braided belts

Flexible, elastic, for your belt it’s a good idea, especially if you don’t want to invest in a belt that is too rigid

The belt buckle

Simply put, the bigger and more imposing your belt buckle, the less professional and formal it will be.

Classic belts suitable for business attire usually have flat buckles (and tend to be relatively thin themselves). A wider buckle with rather rounded shapes immediately gives a more relaxed style connotation to your outfit.

However, if you also wear masculine accessories such as cufflinks, tie clips, and the like, always make sure to match them to your belt buckle. This is known, silver goes with silver and gold with gold. The only exception being the wedding ring. The ring is understood as a gesture independent of your personal style.

The color of the belt

Always come back to a fundamental principle, the choice of the color of the belt must be made according to that of the shoes, and then possibly if the general look allows it by that of the jacket and the pants. So avoid “crocodile belt” or “pierced white belt” style favorites if your wardrobe does not allow it. Even if our products are at relatively low prices, the budget for a leather accessory remains considerable.

Also, if you buy a belt to associate it with a suit, make sure that the shade of this one is at least as dark as that of your belt.
If chosen wisely, the color of a dressy leather belt makes it so much easier to transition the look from pants to coat.

In addition, vernier belts with a smooth look must necessarily be paired with patent shoes. Similarly, a pair of matte shoes go with a matte belt. If on a daily basis you tend to wear rather sporty shoes that are not made of leather, you have more freedom in the choice of your belt by respecting, all the same, the first two instructions stated above.

Now that we have covered the materials for your belt, we will see how to choose the right size for this accessory.


Belt size

Gather the different pants you plan to wear with your future belt. Look for the inside labels to verify the sizes. Note, for example, that if the label says 30 x 32, it’s probably a US size.

In this case, take into account the first number, ie 30 for this example, and remember that US sizes correspond to the waist circumference measured in inches (1 = 2.54 cm). Therefore, you will get your waist measurement by performing the appropriate conversion calculation.

If the tag is missing or does not indicate the size in inches, measure your waist size using a tape measure. Run the tape measure around your waist, exactly where your navel is. Then, determine your waist size by reading the number located at the junction point of the two parts of the tape measure.

When measuring around your waist, make sure the tape measure is perfectly horizontal by checking your reflection in a mirror.
If you like to wear low-rise jeans, remember to position the tape measure a few centimeters lower when measuring your waistline.
Measure your favorite jeans the same way, to get a correct estimate of your waist size.

To define the belt size that will suit you, add 5 cm to your waist circumference. Belt length is measured from buckle to center hole. This allows you to maintain the ease necessary to adapt a belt to different outfits.

If your waist measures 76 cm, the length of your belt should measure 80 cm.


Preferably choose leather
Such an accessory quickly loses its luster when the material used is not of high quality. It is, therefore, preferable to select a men’s belt by visiting our store.

  • The choice is still quite wide, so you can combine this accessory with your outfit.
  • Leather is recommended because it is robust and adds an extra touch to your style.
  • It is best to feed it regularly with body milk or baby milk once a month, this prevents the coating from cracking.
  • Preferably choose a dark men’s belt, because it adapts more easily to all outfits.

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