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 Difference between men’s and women’s leather belts

How do you do when your pants fall off your hips? You obviously use a belt. Most of these accessories are made of leather. Do you know why? Because tanned skin is very resistant to time.

Thus, the belt will not be afraid of deformations, frictions, and bad weather. On the other hand, the leather belt is widely used in fashion to perfect a style. We can therefore dress a person with a particular color or a unique style of belt.

Tanned skin belt: fashionable and practical

As we have seen, the belt is used both to hold pants in place, but also as a fashion accessory. So even if the jeans are the right size, it will be in good taste to match them with a nice leather tie.


What style for your belt?

Again, it all depends on the style of your outfit. Remember that the belt will enhance your look, so it is very important to choose your style carefully:

  • For a chic outfit, a suit for example: in this case, we strongly recommend choosing a more formal, thin belt, and preferably in quality leather.
  • For a more casual outfit: choose a slightly more visible, wider belt, which can go perfectly with Chino pants, for example.
  • If you wear jeans: in this case, it is strongly recommended to choose a thick belt, why not in a raw style, with a large metal buckle? For a little rock side, it’s ideal
  • These are our tips, which will allow you to choose this accessory, absolutely essential in an outfit, and remember to associate it with the color of your bag.


Let’s see what differentiates belts for men from those for women.


Men’s belt

Typically, leather belts made for men are thick for jeans and thin for pants. Note that the appearance of the leather can very well be aniline or semi-aniline. Compared to a fabric belt, tanned skin models are much more resistant to stress. We can also note that leather belts can bend and resist various frictions. In this, this men’s tie is very profitable.

Of course, the leather belt meets fashion requirements. We can find belts of well-known brands or creations of artists. Our shop offers models made by qualified French craftsmen. We invite you to take a look!

The leather belt for men can be black or brown in most cases. You can also find colorful models to enhance a particular outfit.

We will not forget that the belt was created to hold pants. This is why you have to choose your model carefully. Remember, gentlemen, to try on your belt for two reasons:

  • it has to be your size.
  • it must go through the handles of your pants.

Women’s belt

There are two types of belts for women:

  • the so-called “classic” models which are worn around trousers.
  • the more or less wide models that are worn over a dress to mark the size.The first will be rather fine. There are many colorful models with a rather discreet structure. However, we can find thick leather belts to mark a particular dress.
    Belt buckles are often discreet too. There are also larger curls speckled with rhinestones.

The second will be thicker. Their purpose is to mark the waist and make the dress stand out. Thus, the choice of your belt is essential to ensure a perfect look. In fact, we choose a color that marks the whole outfit as well as a tasteful buckle.

It’s up to you to see which women’s belt suits you the most!

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