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 Women’s Leather Belt, The New Accessory that can not be missing in your wardrobe

Women’s leather belts fulfill a function beyond practice, aesthetics! A good belt not only adds an extra touch to your look but also helps define your silhouette. This year we have seen how belts have been the star accessory on the most important catwalks in the world. And it seemed to us that it was about time we dedicated an entire post to the most versatile accessory of all, the women’s leather belt.


How to choose the perfect women’s leather belt

The appropriate leather belt will help you complete the style you like and will last you for years! Remember that a good quality accessory may seem a little more expensive at first but in reality in the long run it is not. In addition, the quality of the materials is noticeable, a good leather has no comparison with a PU belt.

Leather is much more robust, has less tendency to crack and break than other materials. Thus, a leather belt will be more resistant to the passage of time and external factors such as the most extreme cold or heat thanks to its permeability and thermal insulation.

As the months go by, your belt will look a little better every day. And it is that leather has the wonderful quality of taking its unique character with use. No leather accessory is the same as the other.


It adapts to your curves. Leather with body heat easily molds to your body shape without loosing structure. So it ends up being much more comfortable than a false leather or plastic belt.

Therefore, buying a belt made of leather is a smart investment that will highlight your look. You will have the appropriate accessory for each occasion, with the qualities of each color.


Probably when you think of this accessory the first thing that comes to mind is the classic black belt or the rustic brown belt. But we encourage you to dare to try other colors, I promise you that it will be super easy to combine.


When to wear a red belt woman?

Wear it with your favorite jeans when you want to give a touch of fun to the outfit on your outings. If it is of sophisticated cut, when you wear a dress, it will attract the eyes of everyone.

Do you cheer up with a red leather belt? In Devilson, we bring you the ideal model. With the buckle also lined in leather, it is very easy to combine because you save yourself from having to take into account also silver, gold themes …


Wear it with more neutral colors to highlight your look, as you can see our model combining it with a white Chinese and gray jersey. Red is also beautiful when you mix it with earth colors to achieve a sophisticated but relaxed look. Or with whites and blues for a nautical style ideal for summer.


The family’s minimum, the white belt woman

White, the most neutral and combinable color after black is also a trend. As much as if you have in your closet a color palette full of light or where the predominant color is black, you should not miss your white leather belt next to good sandals and bags of different sizes, and it is the perfect complement to the minimalist effect that is so chic. It will be the pearl of your wardrobe!


The classic of classics, the brown belt woman

The women’s leather belt in brown color is the most used and convenient because it combines with everything! And for years it became fashionable the mix and match are great to combine it with other leather accessories of other colors. For example, let’s say you wear dust pink ballerinas because a brown belt will be perfect. It is no longer to use the same leather color in all accessories but to combine the colors to achieve a harmonious and attractive palette.


There are countless combinations of accessories that you can reach with your brown women’s leather belt. Here a good idea is to play with the combination of buckles, the texture of the skin …For example, our model Vintage Buckle Cocoa Brown plays with this mixture between sophisticated and relaxed at the same time. Which makes it a very versatile model that you can wear with both suit pants and jeans.

Women’s leather belt care

The women’s leather belt is a timeless classic so it never goes out of style. Although it is resistant, you must follow certain precautions in its care, how you keep it, and how you keep it clean. For example, did you know that belts should be kept stretched? Never keep your leather belts rolled up. You can hang them all from a hanger so that it occupies the little place.







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