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Today we bring you a selection of the best briefcases and backpacks for laptops. Surely you are aware of how difficult it is to find a backpack or briefcase that we like, that is good and at the same time has a good price. However, we have been looking at Devilson and have found some very good options for you.

These briefcases and backpacks for laptops can be taken wherever you want: to work, to university, to events … They are not simple covers, but they are much larger, padded and resistant so that you do not lack space and always carry your laptop, folders and other things protected.

Best briefcases and backpacks for laptops

So let’s start with our selection of laptop backpacks and briefcases that you can buy on Amazon: but not without first telling you, that before you buy it it is important that you look at the size. Not all laptops are 15.6 inches because there are also 13, 13.3 “, 14 … so you will have to take a good look at it to buy what best suits what you need, based on what you need. transport at all times:

1- AmazonBasics briefcase

This is one of the most basic and classic Amazon briefcases because it is the one they offer for laptops between 11.6 and 17.3 inches. It is very padded and resistant. And also, it has pockets so you can store everything you need inside. It fits very well physically, and all are advantages to carrying your laptop protected and at a great price, which varies according to the dimensions. In this case, the 15.6-inch only costs 16.79 euros. And a 4.6 mark!

2- Targus briefcase

If we are already looking for a little more quality and perhaps an even more pleasant design, we have this Targus bet that does not have waste either. We especially like that embroidery in red, which is sure to be liked by gamers. This time around, the sizes range from 12 inches to 18.4 inches. You can choose the one you want based on what you need. To give you an idea, the 12-13 ”model is priced at 13.90 euros. The one from 15-16 »is already going to be 24.79 euros.

3- Plemo cover / portable briefcase

On this occasion, the Plemo brand offers us a protective waterproof laptop sleeve. It is half case, half briefcase, in case you are looking for something thinner for your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Notebook or Tablet from 13 ″ to 13.3 ″. It is an excellent option. very beautiful physically and very well valued. Another great option to buy. The price starts at 15.99 euros for the small model from 13-13.3 “.

4- HP backpack

Now we are going to focus on the backpacks because there are also beautiful ones like this HP bet. It is small and minimalist, so you will always be able to carry your laptop protected in a small space. It is 15.6 inches but it fits very well because it is not too big. It is also available in more sizes. For 15.6 inches its price is 166 euros. It is one of the prettiest laptop backpacks on Amazon and sold and well valued, with a 4.5 mark.

 5- Leather laptop backpack

With a 4.3 rating and more than 350 good opinions from customers, without a doubt we are facing one of the last, Leather has always been a benchmark material and if you want to carry your laptop well protected it is a great option to buy. It is much more voluminous than the previous one, that is why we bring you this alternative. And we find it available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. The median cost was 150 euros. It is very beautiful with the red and resistant detail, you will have a backpack for a lifetime as they say.

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