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 What’s the difference between artificial & genuine leather?

Leather fabrics are in almost every field and category of daily life. They are organic fabrics that make up products such as leather jackets, coats and coats, leather bags, wallets, and camera cases.

Fabricated faux leather products are fabric types that are sold at more affordable prices and produced from PVC materials. Depending on preference, genuine leather or artificial leather can be used, but there are various techniques to understand the difference between the two fabric forms. How to understand the differences between genuine leather and artificial leather?

What are the Features of Genuine Leather?

Genuine leather has different properties according to the processing method and the qualities of the living fur obtained. However, the surface of all genuine leather is in the form of real leather, that is, it is textural. Although real leather has its smell, there are always indentations and protrusions on its surfaces.

Genuine leather fabrics have long-lasting use and are not easily deformed. It is not easily seen with effects such as wear, abrasion, deformation. Genuine leather fabrics are always soft.

What are the Features of Artificial Leather?

Artificial leathers, which are manufactured to produce at more affordable prices and to provide alternative diversity, are produced from PVC and polyurethane materials. They are fabrics obtained by passing PVC raw materials through various chemical processes and thinning processes.

They are materials used in many products such as bags, wallets, belts, jackets, coats, device covers. Compared to genuine leather, wear and aging times are shorter. Depending on the production techniques, there are artificial leather materials in almost every category. With the use of technological machines, the appearance of real leather can be achieved to a large extent.

Artificial leathers can be produced with more variety than real leathers. In addition, the fact that it can be manufactured in different colors makes it possible to prefer artificial leather.

How to Tell Genuine Leather and Artificial Leather?

Genuine leather form and artificial leather form can be understood by examining the fabric structure. In the textile sector, detailed information about the material is given on the inner labels of clothes, bags, and many products. In quality products, the raw materials that indicate the use of genuine leather or artificial leather and the formation of the product are specified in detail.

It is quite practical to understand the differences between real and artificial leather with various testing methods. The methods are as follows;

Leather Fragrance

Genuine leather always carries the smell of leather, hide, and raw materials. The smell of genuine leather is absent in artificial leather. The smell of artificial leather is mostly fabric, textile, chemical smell.

Leather Texture

Genuine leather fabrics, which are soft and slightly flexible, can be easily folded and do not form fold marks. In artificial leather, the form is not very soft. Flexible and leather-like fabrics are fabrics that are generally produced for textiles and produced from elastin yarns.

Leather Manufacturing

All technical processes in the manufacture of genuine leather ensure that the form of genuine leather is not lost. The skin texture has micro indentations, unsymmetrical lines, and thinness-thickness in certain areas.

Although artificial leather has a smooth and flat form, the seam marks are rarely obvious. In real leather products, the seam marks are not obvious and fully symmetrical. It always has an original and handmade look.

Genuine Leather Test

One of the most practical methods used to understand real leather is the fire test. When real leather comes into contact with fire, it does not burn or warp immediately. However, when the fire is brought into contact with artificial products, it immediately starts to warp and burn. The odor and appearance emitted are completely different from each other.

One of the tests to understand that the leather is genuine is the scraping test. With the first scraping on real leather, first, a scratch occurs, and then it disappears completely. It looks the same even if it is scraped on faux leather.

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