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 Guide to buying track products

MotoGP riders are not human. This is what we often hear about epic sporting feats. They drive extremely powerful bikes to the limit, subjecting themselves and all the materials involved to extreme stress. In reality, they are made of flesh and blood too, and like everyone else, they have to protect themselves. To drive their motorbikes to the maximum, they must be put in the conditions to do so in the best possible way, in perfect safety but without any impediment.

Go faster. That’s how.

Anything we can do to ensure the safety of motorcyclists, we will do it. Whether your goal is to beat a previous lap time or just to learn how to get your knee to the ground, we have the right track wear for you. Read on to find out about our selection of track essentials.

Where did it all start?

In 2008 we entered the most important motorcycle championship in the world: MotoGP. Coming from sponsoring drivers who competed in Dutch championships, we have to honestly say our learning curve has been steep.

Careful research, testing, and preparation allowed us to start the season safely. We have started this journey in developing suits for our professional riders and translating them into products that are also at your disposal.

What a professional driver wears in the most demanding conditions possible is a crucial factor in his performance. If a product is good enough for our riders, then it will offer you all the safety, comfort, and performance you are looking for a day on the track.

Aprilia one-piece suit

Introducing the most technical one-piece suit we’ve ever designed for track day riders around the world: the Aprilia, a direct descendant of MotoGP; if you want to feel part of what our riders are experiencing in the most extreme conditions on the track, here is your chance.

The Aprilia one-piece suit will be your perfect teammate. Made of kangaroo leather, this lightweight suit is track-ready and airbag-ready. With stretch in all the right places, smart ventilation points, and the best level of protection available, you can’t get any closer to what pro riders wear.

MotoGP gloves

In your hands, you have what professional pilots have helped develop. Introducing the MotoGP Gloves: Covered in our unique forged carbon print, these gloves have been tried and tested in every drop type you can imagine, and have been consistently pushed to their limits. Made of extremely strong and highly abrasion-resistant kangaroo leather, with quality protections, and seams that have been repositioned in less vulnerable areas, you will now be able to enjoy the track without distractions, in total comfort and of course, at full throttle.

 BMW one-piece suit

Introducing our BMW one-piece suit, designed to offer protection and freedom of movement. This richly detailed suite has a unique style for those who want to have the right look when hitting the track or driving on the street.

With technical features that came directly from MotoGP, you will stand out on the track. When it’s hot and the temperature in the suit rises, the race-cut Hyperspeed will keep you cool and comfortable.

League gloves

These gloves are in a category of their own. They come from racing without being specialists. The League gloves offer the same feel as the MotoGP gloves, but this time we have chosen to use TPU knuckles and cuffs but not on the knuckles of the fingers.

Different needs for different goals, but still with everything you need to push hard. The Leagues offer a true racing glove feel, as well as race protection for a larger user base. If you’re looking for gloves that have racing DNA but are more affordable, then these might be for you.

MotoGP Jumpsuit

One of the most important skills to master on the track is to ride the rope of curves. You are on a closed-to-traffic circuit for this exact reason, to hone your skills and start searching and pushing your limits. We did our part by thinking about the look of the one-piece suit.

MotoGP Ladies one-piece suit

We told you about the in-depth research we have done and the feedback we have received from our riders in MotoGP and WorldSBK to make our race collection much richer. We do it for everyone, especially our fast riders.

The Ladies’ one-piece suit was built based on racing DNA. This is a technical tracksuit with forged carbon print and high-end protectors that have been specifically engineered and designed for women who push their limits beyond all expectations.

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