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Leather pants, an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe when it’s cold, are both trendy, elegant, and rock, but are not so easy to wear. Leather pants, historically associated with western cowboys, quickly became a symbol of rebellion, then a fashion accessory for women.

For years, leather pants have been popular and are displayed from every angle for the Fall-Winter collections. Discover through this article, our tips for perfectly combining your leather pants with your winter wardrobe.

Leather pants, timeless

Leather pants come in all colors, all shapes but also all materials, because there are leather and suede pants, each offering a different style.

Between black, khaki, blue, burgundy, camel, and white pants you would be spoiled for choice.

The classic and chic look at the same time
For a chic and classic look at the same time, you will need to opt for straight leather pants, which will adapt perfectly to your body. Pair it with a plumetis blouse or blouse for a chic look. The little extra put a blazer over it for a working-girl look.

As for shoes, you can associate this outfit with moccasins, derbies, or heels.

The two-tone look

It’s definitely the winning duo! Matching your leather pants to a single color is to ensures a flawless look.

The color palette is available to you, between blue leather pants, camel suede pants, oversized black leather pants, you just have to associate it with a neutral top and you’re done!

Keep it simple when it comes to shoes, so as not to break your two-tone look, opt for shoes in the color tones of your outfit.

The total black look

Black leather pants, a black top, a black textured coat, and your total black look will be successful for sure. Do not hesitate to play with the differences in materials to bring more depth to your outfit. When it comes to shoes, let your imagination run wild, you can’t go wrong! But a pair of boots over black skinny jeans will always be effective.

The stylish and trendy look

You like to follow trends and be on the cutting edge of fashion, so the best will be to opt for more daring looks.

Combine your leather pants with a fur coat or shearling (you can also consult our tips for wearing your shearling), an animal print top, or even with a chunky sweater.

The sportswear look

For a more casual look, a little sportswear/casual chic, opt for suede or leather joggers. A wide choice of colors exists and you just have to associate them with a blouse or sweater and put a pair of sneakers/trainers on your feet, and you’ll be done!

Without forgetting of course…. the leather suit!
The leather jumpsuit is an easy-to-wear outfit, for a more practical side, choose it zipped. She simply slips on and is self-sufficient.

Paired with a pair of white trainers, it will work no matter your style.

And don’t forget, to carefully maintain your leather and skin pieces, go to Devilson, in our Maintenance guide for the leather and skins section.

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