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 How to choose a summer motorcycle jacket?

Winter on a motorbike … it’s cold and in summer it’s often too hot. With great technical blows, brands offer equipment to respond as best as possible to the seasons, especially for summer. So that you are not lost in the face of an offer that has become overwhelming, Devilson helps you choose your summer jacket.

Riding in a T-shirt during this heatwave… it’s tempting. After all, there’s nothing to prevent you legally, the law only requiring you to wear a helmet and a pair of gloves. If the idea may be attractive, it is to be avoided in the same way as riding only equipped with a mesh back vest, the abrasion resistance of which is considered to be zero.

Manufacturers offer ranges capable of letting more or less air through. It’s up to you to opt for a ventilated or much ventilated mesh jacket (the ventilated fabric that responds to a specific manufacturing technique by wide weaving giving a mesh appearance) depending on your location or your riding pace.

Compromise or truly summer-focused?

The motorcycle jacket is one of the basics when you equip yourself. Generally, we opt for winter/mid-season equipment with a waterproof and breathable membrane, a removable thermal lining, and sometimes ventilation zips. If this type of gear can withstand relatively high temperatures (up to about 25 ° C) without suffering too much, it will admit its limits in July and August for a simple reason: the membrane acts as a shield to the air. With ineffective breath-ability. For good performance, the outside temperature of the jacket must be lower than the inside temperature, otherwise, the effect will be zero.

Based on this observation, over the past fifteen years, equipment manufacturers have developed mesh elements capable of letting air pass. We advise you to select only approved jackets guaranteeing impact and abrasion resistance. If you don’t have a jacket yet, you can opt for a so-called 3 in 1 system with removable thermal and waterproof linings and mesh panels. The idea is attractive, both practical and economical, but this “Swiss Army Knife” type concept will be a compromise: not always warm enough in winter and too hot in summer with the bonus of an adjustment that is not necessarily convincing to compensate for variations in thickness. When switching from a jacket in a multi-layer model (equipped with all of its protections) to the “furry” version as fine as possible.

Leather or textile?

If your bank account is well stocked, the choice of perforated leather (in the 400 euros against 100 to 200 for a summer textile) is a most attractive option with generally a high-end finish, especially at the level of the less sticky internal lining. On the skin — remember that the jacket will generally be worn as a sleeveless T-shirt -.

If you don’t want to spend too much, the textile will do the job even if the resistance is less important. It is therefore intended for use only for moderate speed travel and for urban use. Your equipment must meet the following criteria:

· the ventilation zones must be important on the front but also the back

· the jacket must be equipped with pockets (internal and external) for more practicality

· the jacket must be fitted with adjustment clamps

· the inner lining should be comfortable

· approved protections must be present and if in addition, they are adjustable (elbows), it is only better

· a dorsal predisposition (pocket) is essential, it will accommodate an approved back protector generally offered as an option

· For textiles, check that they are easily washable (summer is favorable to the impact of mosquitoes, flies, wasps, etc.). Leather will be maintained like its ready-to-wear counterpart.


Sizes and colors

How to choose a summer motorcycle jacket?

More and more different colors are offered in catalogs even if black remains legion. Instead, opt for rather light shades that better reflect the sun’s rays but are also messier. Size is also important, choose a jacket close to your anatomy because you will wear it without a sweater or other clothing except for a vest-type back protector. Ladies, equipment manufacturers have been offering real “girls” ranges for a few years with specific cuts and markings. Think about it! As for your budget, count between 100 and 200 euros/dollars for a textile, the bill will exceed 400 euros/dollars for perforated leather.

Some brands offer mesh jackets with waterproof lining stored in a specific pocket. More expensive (for around thirty euros more), however, they will be a good option both during nocturnal returns or walks that will meet the rain. Leather or textile, anyway always close your jacket when you ride because it is effective in this configuration. A fall with open equipment can be synonymous with tearing…

Devilson’s council

Even if it means buying a summer jacket, opt for the most ventilated equipment possible with, however, an over jacket capable of being stored in a specific pocket. Out therefore the gear is capable of doing everything (type 3 in 1) without ever excelling. As for colors, black and white will be abandoned in favor of intermediate colors (blue, brown) less “warm” than black and easier to maintain than white. Opt for recognized brands (Alpinestars, Aprilia, BMW, Dainese, DevilSon, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Mr Styles, Suzuki, Yamaha, etc.) it is a guarantee of efficient after-sales service … a more in the event of a manufacturing defect. Appreciable especially since the price does not fly away. And as always, try before you buy!!!


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