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The license is in hand. The brand new motorcycle is in the garage. Insurance is okay. What are you missing? Your biker gear of course! So today we are going to look at motorcycle pants. Yes in general you think of buying your helmet, boots, and a motorcycle jacket. But we must not neglect the motorcycle leather pants. And depending on your practice of motorcycling, your pants will be different.

Leather motorcycle pants

Used for long trips or at high speed, the leather motorcycle pants protect you against abrasion. Admittedly, a little heavier than its comrades, but you will be well protected from the weather. You have the leather pants for the road and those for the track, the Racing pants. Those for the road, generally used during long journeys, are straight and cut with slightly bent knees to adapt perfectly to the motorcycle. The Racing pants are much more reinforced on the thickness of the leather, the CE protections, and the sliders. Gussets also allow you to be comfortable on the bike to beat the clock.

Textile motorcycle pants

A classic in your biker wardrobe. You will not find better in terms of comfort. The textile pants adapt to heat, cold, and rain, thanks to their removable thermal lining, zips, and waterproof membrane. To use without moderation. Discover the Alpinestars collection.

Gore-Tex motorcycle pants

Where are the road-trippers? This passage is for you. Waterproof and breathable… Cold, rain, wind, sun, nothing will stop you from continuing your adventure with Gore-Tex pants. You will stay dry, wick away sweat, and be cut from the wind. Gore-Tex, a quality material, is also resistant to abrasion and its CE protections reinforce your protection.

Motorcycle jeans

For city dwellers and scooter riders who want to keep their style, without displaying that of a biker, choose motorcycle jeans. No need to change when arriving at the office. Resistant to abrasion, CE protections… A real motorcycle pants without realizing it. Discover Devilson collection.

Now you know which pants you need. But beware, nothing is formal huh. Don’t insist on buying jeans because you’re only driving 30 minutes home/work! If you prefer to wear leather or textile, do yourself a favor.

If you have any favorite models, feel free to share them and you can also check out our other tips.

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