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We have already chosen our ideal leather jacket. Now it’s time to wear it on the street. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your new whim.


You go to work, but you don’t want to put on your suit jacket? Combining it with a white shirt, dark trousers (charcoal, for example), and leather boots that keep the formal aspect of the look, we manage to mix different sober tones that will make you look serious without going in a suit or all black.


Just because your workplace doesn’t have a strict dress code doesn’t mean you’re lazy when it comes to style. Jeans and military green are a classic, it is a combo that looks great and works with everyone, whether they are men or women.

Swap out the Oxfords for an appropriate, slightly more casual boot. The contrast will give the outfit a twist, not only because of the military air but also because it gives a touch of color without being too ornate, very simple.


The leather jacket is the ideal accessory for those nights when you want to be warm, but at the same time, you want your outerwear to look almost as good as you do. A dress with high heels and a perfect type short jacket and tight waist form a look of the most sugarcane.


How is it possible that a simple white T-shirt, a leather jacket, and jeans make up a superlative outfit? Well yes. Three very simple presses that for some reason fit into any situation. Add a textured gray jumper or hoodie when the temperature drops a bit and you’re done.

You can still rock the boots in this look, but jeans can look really cool with a pair of sneakers.


The idea that leather jackets are for rock lovers is already abandoned. Wear a neutral-colored t-shirt, ripped jeans, a light scarf, and some bracelets or a necklace. The result will be something relaxed and that will hit almost anywhere.

These are just a few ideas on how to use your leather jacket. It has always been one of the most versatile and most used garments in any field, both by men and women, so don’t be afraid to experiment and get out of the norm. If the garment is of good quality, and you have the right attitude, surely you eat the world.

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