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Let’s face it; the jacket is a must-have for all women’s wardrobes. There’s no escaping it, whatever your style and figure. The jacket for women is an essential part of your wardrobe. It’s a must-have for any look. From the jacket with the cinched waist to the black leather jacket, you will certainly find one that suits your modern and chic figure.

With the black fitted tailored, adopt a chic and feminine look every day. By adding small refined details like jewels or small skulls, Devilson women’s jackets bring character to your outfit. The iconic black garment brings you closer to the biker style, but with a touch of modernity. Black is indeed the color that gives you the total rock look. But you don’t have to wear head-to-toe black to rock the rock vibe. On the contrary, use your black to assert your style by teaming it with more basic pieces like jeans or sneakers.

How to choose the right jacket for women?

Every woman must have her jacket. And at Devilson, all silhouettes can find the one that suits them best. We will help you choose the women’s jacket that will sublimate you.

Choosing a piece according to your silhouette. The first thing to do when you buy one is to take your body type into account. As with the coat collections, women’s clothes are cut differently.

· The fitted one will go perfectly for women who have a marked waist.

· The straight one will suit slender women.

· The zipped one, hooded or not will suit all types of figures.

To draw your figure, you can also choose particular details on your item. We often find some with a shawl collar that adds elegance. The jackets can also be declined with or without sleeves. The garment then becomes a piece of clothing that you wear all day long and not just when you leave your home.

Select a jacket according to the occasion:

You can orient your purchase on several types of jackets because, for each occasion, you will have a particular piece to wear. For luxury evenings, of course, choose the black suit. You’ll be sure to look stylish all night long. Why not dare a few rhinestones on the collar for more daring? For your Sunday walks with the family, opt for the hooded Saharan. It slips easily over your daily clothes for a long walk in the sun or the rain. For your daily life in the metro and at the office, the mesh jacket combines chic and comfort. Wear yours all day and gain confidence with a controlled style.

How to combine your jacket for women with the rest of the dressing room?

The jacket cannot be worn alone. But it has to work with your entire walk-in closet. What clothes will you wear it with?

A casual piece for a casual look. If you are going for a casual look, choose denim. This jacket for women, which can also be found in the male wardrobe, is designed for casual but still stylish looks. The denim pairs very well with comfortable shoes like sneakers.

A jacket in various colors for a preppy chic look. If you want to assert your preppy chic style, opt for some in peppy colors. The leopard patterns, the striped top, the floral back prints, the lace, or the embroidery are all details that give character to your look. Pair these remarkable jackets with sober outfits: a white t-shirt and light-colored chinos. Your jacket thus becomes the garment that affirms your silhouette.

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